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    Nu am aprofundat atunci, dar acum, ca intrebi, desi sursa articolului nu este indicata, l-am gasit, a iesit la search cautand cu numele respectivului cuplu. E vorba fix despre intralipid therapy contra natural killers, probabil ai auzit despre asta, este experimental. Din cate stim, se face doar in UK.

    Mrs Conyers, 33, a teacher, and her husband Matthew, 40, a financial adviser, began trying for a child immediately after they married in August After two and a half years with no pregnancy the couple decided to try private IVF treatment.

    However, the first three attempts — costing £5, each time — failed and Mrs Conyers was told cells in her immune system were attacking the fertilised embryos.

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    The blend of soya oil and egg products, high in calories and essential fatty acids, is usually used as a nutritional boost for post-operative patients and premature babies. It is thought the mix has a stabilising effect on cell membranes, which makes it harder for killer cells to attack.

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    We pierde în greutate mthfr more than a little ecstatic. William was the first to be born, weighing 3lb 2oz, followed two minutes later by Ben who tipped the scales at 3lb 10oz. But still nothing happened.

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    I thought it was a bit odd but by that time I was willing to try anything. Intralipid infusion therapy is also occasionally used to help women conceive naturally, without any need for IVF. A spokesman for CARE Fertility, which treated Mrs Conyers, said it offered the therapy to women if they think their only problem in getting pregnant is an over-active immune system.

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